Shepard Real OBGYN Stories at Women's Care Group Knoxville TN
shepard baby Real OBGYN Stories at Women's Care Group Knoxville TN

Sharon Shepard and Baby

I could not be more happy with my choice of Maryville’s OBGYN Women’s Care Group.  I’ve never had a question go unanswered, never had a long wait in the waiting room, and I’ve always been thrilled with the doctors that I’ve seen.  They are informative, caring, and they listen.  I recommend them to anyone, and will continue to do so.  The offices are beautiful and the atmosphere at the UT location is perfect.  Thank you to all the doctors and staff at Women’s Care Group!  I love every member of their team!

I’ve had two beautiful girls delivered here, and both times the experience has been top notch.  First delivery was an unplanned c section, which was terrifying and frustrating, but the care I received put me at ease and I was given a very clear plan of care.  Second time was a scheduled c section, which went very well.  Both sections went beautifully, and with no complications.

During my second pregnancy, I had a pap smear come back abnormal.  Of course, nobody wants to hear THAT news.  Dr. Thigpen explained to me that we he would take a sample of my cervix after I delivered.  After my second daughter was born, I had to go back in for a colposcopy.  They found abnormal cells and Dr. Thigpen advised a leep procedure.  I had so many questions, and was naturally concerned about what they would find.  Dr. Thigpen was so informative, so supportive, and did an amazing job with my surgery.  All results came back clear, and they were able to remove every part of my cervix that was affected by these abnormal cells.  I am very thankful for Dr. Thigpen and the team of doctors at Women’s Care Group!

I will continue to go to WCG for years to come!

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