OBGYN Maryville Patient at Women's Care Group
OBGYN Maryville Care at Women's Care Group

Keeli Boyce and Her Four Girls

I was told about Women’s Care Group through a friend. I was immediately drawn into the group – from the front desk to the nurses to the doctors – everyone was so nice and the doctors really spent time with me during the appointments. I was a patient for a few years before I became pregnant with our first child. We all remember those fears and questions when being pregnant for the first time. Every doctor and nurse was so great to make sure I was always comfortable with what was going on with my body and answered any questioned that I may had – even down to what their suggestion on diapers. When Olivia was born I really had it in my mind that I would not need Women’s Care Group anymore – my goal was to take care of a baby. As we all know, we need them during post-partum. I would sometimes think I had the silliest questions after having a baby, but they were always so great to make sure I had what I needed so that I could continue to heal, be healthy and get back to a new normal. I continued to be a patient throughout all my pregnancies. I could not think of a better group of doctors to be a part of. I have always felt a part of the Women’s Care Group family. I love when I see one of the doctors out in town and they always speak and I get to tell the kids some funny story of when mommy was pregnant with them. What I love about this practice is that I never have to leave and find a new doctor with the different phases of my life. I was with them before children, while I was having children and now that I am done having children, I can continue to go there for my yearly appointments.

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