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Kalley Dietz baby Women's Care Group Maryville

Kalley Dietz

We had just moved to Maryville, TN a year before when we found out we were pregnant with our second baby. I was so nervous about finding a new place to trust in this important adventure. I had asked around to the friends I had made since moving here and they all raved about the OBGYN group at Women’s Care Group. I am so thankful for this group of amazing women and men who guided me through my pregnancy, answered all of my questions and helped me to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

What I love most is the amazing support they provide. When I went in for my appointments I never felt rushed. They really listen to you and go above and beyond to provide the highest level of care. The staff are experienced professionals and when it came time to have my baby I felt ready.

The week before my due date I was back and forth at the hospital with contractions. After weighing my options, we decided to schedule an induction for my health and the health of my unborn son. I had been determined I wasn’t going to be induced, but if I learned one thing it’s that every pregnancy is different and sometimes your plans change and that’s okay.

We went into the hospital Friday May 5th at 7:15 am they broke my water and gave me an epidural. As soon as the anesthesiologist left it seemed he was coming back in to increase my medication soon after they came in to check me and it was time to push. Dr. Ballard entered the room and after just 5 pushes we welcomed our son into the world. With all the excitement my husband was just standing there in amazement, so Dr. Ballard told him “Get your phone and take pictures, dad!” Because of her reminder, we thankfully have pictures of our son right after birth, otherwise my husband may not have documented those sweet, precious moments. Thanks, Dr. Ballard!

I will never forget what the doctors at Women’s Care Group did for me. You all played an important role in bringing my child into this world. I would have had a very different experience if I went through another practice. Thank you for all that you do!

Thanks, Kalley Dietz

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