Knoxville OBGYN- When a c-section is necessary

Maryville OBGYN- When a c-section is necessary

A Cesarean section, more commonly known as a C-section, is a method of delivery that involves making an incision through a woman’s lower abdomen and into her uterus to deliver the infant. C-sections are very common. One in three deliveries occurred via C-section. Worldwide C-sections have saved the lives and preserved the health of hundreds of thousands of babies and mothers when they are medically necessary.

Failure to Progress during Labor

The duration of the labor process is different for each woman and depends upon a variety of factors including previous births and the size of the baby. Sometimes, labor fails to progress. A C-section may be the best choice for delivery as both mothers and their babies can suffer ill effects from prolonged labor. A C-section will allow for a swifter delivery so that mother and child can begin to rest and recover.

Fetal Distress

Doctors monitor the baby’s vital signs during labor, and this information can let them know if the baby is having difficulties. These difficulties may be caused by a problem with the umbilical cord or other issues.


Breech presentation means that the baby is oriented so that it will exit the vagina feet-first or buttocks-first.

Large Babies

Sometimes a mother’s pelvis is simply too small to accommodate the passage of a large baby. In such a situation, a C-section can help to avoid harm to both mother and baby that could otherwise occur with a vaginal birth.

Maternal Infections

Certain maternal infections may make a Cesarean delivery a safer option for the baby. A C-section delivery reduces the chances of the baby contracting these infections during birth.

Placental Problems

One such problem is placental abruption. This is the term for the separation of the placenta from the uterine lining. Placenta previa is another possible issue that may require the need for a C-section.

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