Our UT Medical Center and Dutchtown Road practices are now accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. The Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Council has commended us on our effects to provide quality ultrasound for the following specialities: Gynecologic and Obstetric for the First, Second and Third Trimesters. www.aium.org
Communication is key to any patient-doctor relationship. The physicians at Women’s Care Group have chosen the fields of obstetrics and gynecology because of their appreciation, passion and respect for women. Those feelings and beliefs are demonstrated by our dedication to first LISTENING to you, your needs, your worries and concerns and communicating clearly with you about each one.
As a woman, the majority of your adult life is likely spent caring for other people. Let us care for you. Through whatever changes, unknowns or difficulties you may face, Women’s Care Group is focused on providing professional physician care and counseling. To us, you and your well being will always take take top priority — so that you can continue caring for your own priorities in your daily life.
Convenience is key for today’s patients. Women’s Care Group has three locations in the greater Knoxville area. Whether you’re bustling in downtown Knoxville, commuting in the west or nestled in the Maryville/Blount County community, we’re close to where you live, work or play.


We are now located at 1930 Alcoa Hwy., Building A, Suite 240, Knoxville, TN 37920