Knoxville OBGYN- Supplements You Need Through Pregnancy

Maryville OBGYN- Supplements You Need Through Pregnancy

The good news is that you were designed to do this. There are things in our evolution that have helped guide the way. At certain stages of your life your nutritional requirements cannot be met through nutrition alone, which is why specific vitamins and minerals during pregnancy are necessary to supplement. Your baby will take what he/she needs and then leave the rest for you. Your doctor will want to insure that you’re getting enough of the following vitamins and minerals to support best possible pregnancy for and your baby.


Folic acid during pregnancy has been long-proven to protect the developing baby from neural tube defects during brain and spinal cord development.


Iron helps deliver oxygen to your red blood cells. Whole grain products, lean beef and pork, dried fruit and beans, sardines and green leafy vegetables are good food sources.


Supplemental calcium may reduce the risk of gestational hypertension and preeclampsia. Calcium is vital to build strong bones and teeth, but it also allows the blood to clot normally and the heart to beat normally. Almonds and sesame seeds also provide much needed calcium.


Vitamin D is important for your baby’s bone and teeth development. Good sources are fortified milk and fatty fish such as salmon. All women, including those who are pregnant, take in 600 international units of vitamin D daily.


Your healthcare provider will recommend that you start taking a prenatal vitamin supplement before pregnancy. They contain all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. Prenatal multivitamins are a better choice than cherry-picking ingredients piecemeal at a health food store. Your healthcare provider will be the best source of information and will be able to educate you on what supplemental vitamins and minerals your body will need during pregnancy.


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