Ramona Scott, DNP, WHNP-BC

Ramona Scott, WHNPLong-term care requires a long-term commitment. Nurse Practitioner Ramona Scott exemplifies that commitment. After receiving her bachelor of science in nursing from Tennessee Technological University and her master of science in nursing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Mrs. Scott became certified as a Registered Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. For 25 years, she has followed patients longitudinally through their lives, allowing her to build valuable, trusting relationships.

“I’ve seen patients who were having trouble with periods at 14, 15 years old, and now they’re married with kids, bringing me pictures of their children. One of my first patients whom I saw as a fetus was here at age 22 carrying her own child. When I see their grandchildren, that’s it. I’m done,” she says with a smile – and a definite lack of conviction. Mrs. Scott’s smile grows brighter as she talks about one particular type of patient: teenagers.

“I love them. I’ve worked with them all my life, whether at church or at Women’s Care Group. I enjoy educating them, making them aware, and helping them become confident women.”

Mrs. Scott talks with teenagers at health and occupation classes, discussing relevant topics with a directness and genuine concern that’s appreciated by her audiences. Her straightforwardness can be shocking at times, but the importance of educating her patients is never lost. “In some regards I’m a life coach, responsible for educating my patients. I guard their privacy and am always respectful of their beliefs and concerns, but I will be as direct as needed for their overall care. With me, they get the ‘whole ball of wax.’ My patients come first, so their well being always has priority.”

One area Mrs. Scott follows carefully is contraception. “The revolution in generic contraception, the choices and complexities involved in those choices for each patient, just continue to grow. Helping them make the right choice is complex and very important.”

Mrs. Scott serves as clinical preceptor for many schools of nursing and is has recently received her doctorate of nursing practice through Frontier Nursing University. She is a certified diagnostic medical sonographer in obstetrics and gynecology and a certified trainer for the birth control implant Nexplanon®. Other special interests include multiple births and hormone replacement management.

Whether you’re scheduling your first gynecological exam, choosing your first method of birth control, viewing your first child enwomb or going through the first stages of menopause, Nurse Practitioner Ramona Scott keeps herself educated and involved in order to provide quality care and informative options. Indeed, she is the “whole ball of wax” for long-term, committed care.